5 Reasons to Use a Broker


What is a Broker?

A finance broker is a company or an individual that act as the intermediary, or middleman, between someone seeking finance and lenders. A finance broker specialises in helping someone source funding such as a mortgage or loan or can source financial plans such as pensions or insurance. A broker can help to source the right type of finance for the you; how much, how long and whatever is needed. A broker can also help you find the best deal available on the market and saving you both time and money.
Cornerstone Finance are an independent broker, which means that we act impartially on your behalf to ensure they find you the most suitable funding solution and are not tied to any particular lender.

Brokers are most beneficial to someone who needs guidance on finding the most appropriate finance or finance plan and want to cut through any jargon typically associated with lending.

So, you may be looking for finance or a finance plan. Why is working with a finance broker your best option?

5 Reasons to Use a Finance Broker

1/ Personal Approach 

From the initial enquiry to completion, a broker will be with you every step of the way. A broker takes the time to understand your circumstances and will work with you to source the best type of finance for you. 

Our team have years of experience in financial services and are used to navigating the often complex and confusing finance industry. Getting to know you is our top priority. 

2/ Saving You Time & Money

Finding finance can be a long and tiresome process of communicating information with different providers, each with different criteria, but the same repetitive paperwork. It’s safe to say that ‘customer experience’ is not something many banks pride themselves on. Online comparison platforms, built to give consumers the opportunity to find the best deal, typically offer very little transparency or education in relation to interest rates. Brokers will not only save you time by doing the searching for you, but they will often be able to secure you a better interest rate because of their strong relationships directly with the lender. 

3/ Shopping Around 

While finance may be necessary, it shouldn’t have to jump the queue in terms of priority. This is where a broker’s value becomes evident. Once you have communicated your needs with the broker, your work is done. They will do the rest of the leg work for you and communicate with their panel of lenders, saving you the time and hassle of searching yourself. Brokers are on your side and will work tirelessly to help you find the best funding or plan.

4/ ‘Whole of Market’ Coverage 

Our brokers will assess your options from the whole of the market giving you the best chance of not only finding finance in the first place but also finding the best deal. 

5/ Transparency

Navigating the funding market is no easy task with very little standardisation of information and misaligned incentives. Working with a broker will ease this burden as they are on hand to give straightforward answers to your questions, providing transparency and clarity. Finding the right finance or plan can and does have a major impact on financial health and should be treated with the same level of care as any other financial decision. Brokers will offer reassurance and act in your best interest.

Using a Broker vs Going It Alone

Finding finance through a broker may not be for everyone, as many businesses prefer a ‘hands-off’ approach, or generally understand how to manage the process. 

However, having a broker on your side can be a real asset, if you're looking for finance for your business, speak to one of our advisers to find out how they can help.